Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is the lady that inspired me and broke my drawing lethargy. Her story is an interesting one! Anyway I do hope i shall draw more again...and paint...life gets busy though. Tis sad!

Monday, October 22, 2012


 So i went without painting for about 3 weeks and then i painted this...it was a bit of a creativity explosion. I think autumn has that effect on me...I love fall!!! I stopped painting for a few days after the top version and then i continued on...I think that i might like the Before painting better....what do you think?Not that it matters because there's no going  back to the older version.
I actually still might work on it more because im not completely satisfied with it yet....im fairly content with the right side but Not the left side. If i happen to work on it more i shall do an update post.
What do you all think i should name the painting? I have zero inspiration in that area...
And i leave you with some lyrics to the song that plays in my head every time i see the colourful leaves flutter through the autumn air...

I saw the autumn leaves peel up off the street,
take wing on the balmy breeze and sweep you off your feet.

You blushed as they scooped you up on sugar maple wings,
to gaze down on the city below, ablaze with wondrous things.

Downy feathers kiss your face and flutter everywhere.
Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there.

I wouldn't wanna live there!

Weighed down by heavy lids and lunar lullabies,
I knew you were wide awake because you smile with your eyes.

Downy feathers kiss your face and flutter everywhere.
Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there.

From the green belt balcony, the wildfires look so pretty.
Ponderosa canopy, I’d never leave if it were up to me.
To the ruby redwood tree, and to the velvet climbing ivy:
painted all mahogany, I’d never leave if it were up to me.

..If it were up to me..

With a starry brush, paint the dusk venetian blue,
because in the evening hush, you’ll never believe the view.
And when the leaves return and their whisperings fill the night,
they’ll freeze and burn where fire and ice collide.

Can you feel a silk embrace in the satin air?
If we dissolve without a trace, will the real world even care?
Downy feathers kiss your face and flutter everywhere.
Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there.

I wouldn't want to live there!

I saw the autumn leaves peel up off the street,
take wing on the balmy breeze and sweep you off your feet.
-The Real World- Owl City

Oil on canvas
30cm x 40cm
For sale.

Friday, October 19, 2012

questions and answers

Well well i was tagged by Jolynn dear so i decided to do this lil survey
the rules say that i must list 11 random facts bout myself and then answer the 11 questions she gave..so here goes...

1  Random fact number one...If i go for to long without drawing or painting i get extremely restless
2. I love wind...whenever it blows it beckons me and i have to go and be wrapped in its wildness
3. I have ALOt of siblings but it never feels like that many cause their all needed in my family:)
4. Hot tea is about the only thing i ever drink..i drink around 6 or more cups a day(is that healthy?i duno...) 
5. When i think of winter i think of mittens, hot chocolate, skating and fireplaces:)
6. If i could i'd live in the time period when a hat was an essential wardrobe item:) ...only i am rather attached to cell phones and internet and other handy things of today!
7. I'm HORrible at math! it is my nemesis!
8. I have been to 8 different countries and i wana go to more..
9. I sit on my window sill with the window open or go for a walk when i want to spend quality time with my dearest friend Jesus
10. I'v been told that i flop around when i laugh:) i don't really know cause im always too absorbed with the reason im laughing to notice what i do...hehe
11. I like unusual words that aren't used very often like agog, domicile ,whimsical and winsome

1. what is your favorite kind of food?

CHOCOLATE!!!its the best kind of food around.
hehe no I have many fav kinds of food...FOood i Loooove you!!! On the top of my lovely food list though is Italiano and Chinese aand Desserts :D

2. if you could be any animal for a month which one would you be?
I would be a Chameleon cause they are just AWESOME!(...i think i'd be rainbow coloured the whole time...)

3. why did the chicken cross the road? really?
He had to use the Loo.
 *in a confidential whisper* btw he is rather tired and offended at this question..he is forever the joke around town all because nature called! 


4. the most exciting thing you have ever done is?
Um the day i went sky diving was pretty exciting! hah jk iv never got the privilege of sky diving although i hope to someday! actually um i'v been on a thing that was sorta like sky diving(called a free fall swing or something) at Canada's Wonderland and it was very fun and exciting:)

5. shoes? or sweaters?
oooh this is a hard one but i think i'll pick shoes

6. whats the first thing you think of when someone screams OMGOODNESS NOOOOO!
'AAAAH!where's the ninja?' or '*gasp* did one of the kids die?'

7. spiders or snakes?
Snakes of course....btw spiders i like you too so don't feel left out!

8. what is one thing that should be banned from this earth?
Alarm clocks! and buns with dill in them. (oh that's two there i guess)

9. chicy or funky? and why?i do believe i'll pick chic-y..cause i like it better for me-self

10. what is the biggest and best thing in your life that you are looking forward to at this present moment?

Well the thing im looking forward to right at this moment is going back to Ontario to see all the friends i haven't seen for a year!  I'm also looking forward to Christmas:)

11. given the chance, what person would you be with for a day? dead or alive that is :)
i cant think of any famous person that id want to be with for a day...id just rather spend my days with good friends... I think though that if i was given the chance i'd spend the day with Jesus...He's always with me of course but it'b be nice to be with Him in person.

Btw im not gonna tag anyone with this survey this time....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Anya Jean

So! i haven't posted since august! tsk tsk....it wasn't exactly because i wasn't making art(cause i was...at times) but i just haven't been posting it all...
I drew this portrait quite a long time ago...at the beginning of summer. It looks like the subject(well maybe it doesn't since alot of my family try guessing who it is and fail miserably...lol) but she will have to grow into it... she doesn't look quite that old yet...I'd say that in two or three years she will have grown into this portrait. :)

hope all of you had a delightfully awesome summer!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


here a page from my sketchbook....random drawings.
nothing like drawing your own hand:) btw i dont love drawing hands cause they're HARD!! but i didnt have anything else to draw at the time and i felt like drawing....
and i drew my lil bro when he was unaware..sitting on the computer:)
Oh yeah and it was all done in ink so i couldnt erase:/ except for the bulk of arrons hair i think i did in pencil....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Rain brings rainbows....<3 rainbows
rain creates puddles
Reflections of happiness
Glittering water droplets

i was bored so i painted this quick lil painting....i think this type is called Spontaneous Realism....only this particular painting isn't really full of realism, i dont think.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Heres a cute little girl that i met at camp:) I just had to draw her cause shes so adorable...
i could practice my ukrainian with her without feeling stupid when i got things wrong:) shes a sweetie!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spring-time in London

In March a happy thing happened! Some good old friends came to see me and the rest o' my family out here in Ukraine. And during their time here we flew to London England for a few days...4 to be exact..It was a AWESOME to say the least:)  Twas delightful to see all the beautiful old buildings and hear the vibrant history of the places that we visited...I admit, i would have been perfectly content if all we had done was just walked around and looked at the quaint places and majestic architecture. But of course we did the red bus tour and saw the changing of the guards, walked through ancient castles and all those other interesting things:)
I do believe i fell in love with the city. One place in particular i remember. It's in the back of Westminster abbey in a little enclove where there's the college garden with it's beautiful green lawn and old trees, flowers and a cute fountain with school kids in uniforms lounging around...I found it so peaceful and gorgeous stuck in-between the large gothic structure. "There is something about the green against the ancient stone that is just magical...You can see the fairies emerging and dancing up on the flowers and the lawn" quote by Jim Barkman.
One more thing, if any of you guys ever visit London make sure you go to Covent Garden cause its great fun!
I always dreamed of touring London with some friends but never really thought it would happen..goes to show that Dreams do come true!
Cheers to Brittany, Shanda, Josh, Brandon, Mark and David and the great time we had:)

I started painting this soon after i got home from our London experience..um if it looks crooked its because its quite a large painting(like 2feet by 1 and a half...or something) and it was really hard to scan and it had to be pieced on the computer..Its not that crooked in real life(i think...and hope)
Also its for sale.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

sketchy sketch sketch

Another drawing of my little sister...done on the same day as the previous one...
twas a different, harder angle to draw...

And now enough about the drawing.. i feel like blabbing. I'm in the blabbing mood, you see.
Life is weird...it really is..How come does time speed up the older you grow? Time....Its such a elusive thing.
How can a period of time feel so long and yet so short? Tis slippery, time is!
Talking about elusive things...Wind.
I love the wind....
Whenever it comes, it calls me to drop whatever i'm doing, to go and be wrapped in its wildness...It brings with it, nostalgia...many memories are swept along with it in its wandering way...
One time the wind picked me up and carried me off...and now still it has the ability to sweep me away...only not bodily now of course(surprise surprise!guess im not as little as i was then)
Outside is the place i see God the most...when i look around at all the beauty and when i'm wrapped in my precious wind i can feel His love all around...He is breathtaking.
Remember to open your eyes to the beauty that's all around you.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Romans 15:13

So...Painted this for a wedding present to my cousin...    
(sniff! she has gone over to the other side...lol jk)

Congrats to Marshall and Alicia! *confetti confetti*

k you'all have a good day!


Monday, July 30, 2012


a very quick sketch of a girl that i tried painting but im not a fan of the painting so unless i am sometime inspired to fix the painting i wont post it...
that is all

Monday, July 23, 2012


here's a quick sketch of my lil sister Danielle...she is very sketchable :) so iv done quite alot of drawings of her..She looks rather Hawiian in the picture eh?
but shes not...she's Jamaican/Canadian
Cheers to Jamaicans and Canadians...and especially JamiaCanadians

Friday, July 20, 2012


So here is another portrait....Its supposed to be my little bro Traytin...it sort of resembles him :D next time i draw him i have faith it will look even more like him since practice makes perfect
i also tried painting this picture but its not finished yet..or at least, im not happy with it yet so yeah i may post the painting at some later date.

p.s. I just want you all to know that when i critique my art on here it is not because i have an inferiority complex  or that i'm begging for compliments but...just tell me that its good okay!!! Pleeeeeeaase say that my drawing doesnt suck!!! 
lol just joking! :D no no its just that i'm going to be posting lots of portrait sketches. I will say this for them, they all look like a person! You can tell that they are a human being but they don't always look like the person they are supposed to look like. And i'm working on getting it so that they do look exactly like the person they're supposed to look like. So if you see a mistake that keeps getting made or if you notice anything that looks extremely off in the sketch feel free to tell me and i shall try and avoid it on the next drawing. :) 
The reason i'm doing all this practice on portraits is because i want to learn how to paint people, but i figure i first should get really good at drawing them....and well its also because people are so interesting to draw:) 
k enough rambling for today:)  

Monday, July 16, 2012


soo this is a random sketch of a girl that i drew for practice at portrait drawing...i hate her mouth...just saying:D
but im to lazy to change it...
lately iv been wanting to get better at drawing faces so in the last two days iv drawn around 10 portraits...or something..
and i'll post them eventually

Noses are becoming my favorite thing to draw which is weird because they used to be my most hated thing...:D lol random piece of info for you...

k aaanyway i shall go back to drawing more portraits now
bye <3

Thursday, July 12, 2012


hi people...
This is a drawing i drew quite awhile ago, after the earthquakes in Haiti....i never considered the drawing finished which is why i never posted it before...but it has sat without any more work on it for so long that im posting it now in its unfinished condition...
There's alot of sadness in the world...i hope i can do my part to elevate some of it.
Reminder to self - Don't forget to pray for the suffering.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Two quick random sketches...
and i have no inspirational words for you'all today...really i'v got nothing to say...sniffle
the extreme heat of the day just sucked up all my inspiration...
but i hope everybody is having a wonderful summer!
if your not...start! right now!
... that's an order...
peace <3

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black and white

Hi guys:)
here is a painting i painted for my forever friend Kate for her 18th birthday.. *I'm so blessed to have you in my life Kate:)*

the painting was done in oil...something id never tried before...I found that i quite like oils! aside from the fact that they take like 3 weeks to dry and even then their not dried completely! the flowers are actually painted with acrylics cause i didn't have the time to wait for them to dry too because i had to send the painting across the ocean blue.


Saturday, June 16, 2012


Here is a mixed media painting that i did for this beautiful poem that my dear friend wrote. It meant alot to me so i wanted to have it on canvas and thus this painting came out.
random fact: the blue paint is metallic and shiny but its not really noticeable except in real life.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hi guys! its been awhile since iv posted and my excuse is that i am currently working on 5 paintings...i had a burst of inspiration for a bunch of paintings and just couldn't wait until i was done one before starting new ones...i was scared the inspiration would leave ya know...
anyway one of my dear friends named Mojo wanted me to teach her how to paint and i agreed to try although teaching has never been my forte..so since she wanted to paint eyes that's what we did! i painted step by step and she watched and copied what i did and i would show her painting instead of mine but she took it home..
i'm at a lost of what to do next in this teaching experience :/

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little boy blue

here's another sketch i did in ink while my mind was occupied with other things...
And here is some quotes from StoryPeople that i enjoy:)

thinking this is some sort of harvest festival
he doesn't really believe in but he'll take an excuse 
to dress up & and act like somebody different for a change.

In those days
we finally chose
to walk like giant 
& hold the world 
in arms grown strong with love
&and there may be many things we 
forget in the days to come,
but this will not be one of them

I've always thought I was taller than I looked, 
she said, but that belief is not without difficulties

He tapped his fingers on the table.
The way I see it, he said,
I either need to find a bigger challenge
or i need to start drinking decaf

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Floating through the sky

here are some sketchy sketches that i idly drew while vaguely occupied with other things....
everything that floats up into the beautiful sky is quite enchanting to me...bubbles and balloons and dandelion fluff
even if something like...a sofa, started floating i would sit there and stare with happy and wondering eyes:D
everything that is, except things that splat and cause unpleasantness :)
k peace<3

Saturday, May 12, 2012


He said "Come."
At that word my soul gave a happy little skip but Alas! my flesh had quite a different reaction. Down to my toes my stomach plunged and with a wild leap my heart was in my throat making my startled exclamation come out in a stifled squeak. For past his outstretched hand i saw many many things, uncomfortable things. There were distant foreign lands, groups of unknown people, many of who seemed to be in pain...gruesome pain. It made me feel a little sick and all the more frightened. There were many things i saw but the scariest was the fuzzy unknown things, the unknown future.I knew of course that the future is always hidden but those blurry visions did not look at all like what i had carefully planned for my future. I turned my eyes toward his kind and oh so gentle ones.
I stuttered, "But...but you..you want me to follow you there? But what if...what if i should catch some horrible disease? For it is all so dirty and unsafe! but worse than that, worse than and bodily harm...what if i go and they hate me? you know yesterday with those kids...how could you expect me to hang out with them? I am quite shy you know and what should i have said? I didn't know them you see. They might have laughed at my stumbling words. And another thing...you know how i should like to give you my everything,earthly goods and all, but i feel so poor already. If i gave it all to you, how would i pay for college...and everything else? i know you say you will provide everything i need but...will you??"
my voice broke off and i wrung my hands. The worries, doubts and fears still racing through my mind. He just stood there while behind him flashed all the alarming things.
Again he said, "Come..." this time even more softly. Again my soul gave that absurd little jump. My soul's excitement caused my feet to take one involuntary step forward. But much too fast my flesh wrestled back control and the next thing i knew i was cowering behind the couch.
"Okay, this is just silly!" my soul huffed in annoyance.
"No its not!" my flesh replied, "didn't you see all that stuff??"
"Oh come on! You know He says all the time not to be afraid,be of good courage, i will take care of you." my soul countered.
"Yes!...but...Oh will he? Oh if only i could be for certain..." i chewed my fingernails nervously.
"You can be for certain! Do you not trust him?"
"Yes but..."
"Oh of course! always the 'but' must come into play! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." my soul said bitterly.
"Oh dear!" i sighed heavily,  "if only i could shake this fear."
There came a faint whisper, "Ask him to borrow you courage. You can't do this on your own.Give him control."
My eyes brightened and my soul clapped
"What a splendid idea!' My soul and body said in unison. I peeked over the couch and there he stood with infinite patience.
"Could i...could i borrow some courage? a large dose please? and would you mind taking this fear?" I asked.
"Of course my child! i was wondering when you'd ask" He replied with a smile. He carefully lifted my fears and threw them far, ever so far away and then he wrapped my heart with courage and strength. When he was done he looked at me again with a twinkle in his beautiful eyes, "Come?"
I smiled and linked my arm in His.

When you follow Him it won't be safe and comfortable, on the contrary it will be rather alarming at times and very unsafe by human standards. Its crazy really, how safe you'll feel in the most unsafe circumstances.

P.s the painting is for sale: 11in by 14in acrylic on canvas...it was done impressionist style for school.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eiffel tower

heres a really quick painting i did...i spent barely any time on it at all...i just  wanted to paint the Eiffel tower only i didnt feel like taking the time...lol so thus the slightly lopsided tower:)
someday i hope to actually tour Paris instead of just sitting in the airport the whole time im there..

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Circus girl

colorful art erupts
           unbelievable stunts
so much to see! 
 transported to a world of the impossible
   sparkling all around
     how did they do that?
          strange animals parade through
elaborate costumes everywhere
     much clapping
  eyes wide!
      the circus is in town!
This girl was not intended to be a circus girl...i just let the brush go were it would and this is what came to be... i looked at the painting half way through and saw it had 'circus' written all over it and thus finished it with that in mind :)

This painting is dedicated to my friend trish due to the little black teardrop (ps its a inside joke/memory :D)  <3 <3

Monday, April 23, 2012

Melted Crayons

The other day i did art with some school kids and this is what we did:) We melted crayons onto canvas! yay! Was great fun! Im quite in love with all the pieces, for the bright colors are quite enchanting:) 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My life

This was a art project for school...I was supposed to illustrate the stories of my life inside the letters of my name. It was a good assignment cause when i looked over my life,looked at my childhood and how i got to where i am now i realized that God has blessed me so much!i realized i take it for granted...For i know a happy and carefree childhood is quite rare....I am so blessed.
I wasnt able to put as many memories in as i wished to...Some are just a little to hard to draw i guess...:D and there was only so much room...and i could hardly draw all the peoples faces who've been part of my life as much as i wanted to...
anyway twas a fun assignment
peace out<3
btw the assignment said we had to color it with pencil crayon....im not really a fan of them..but o well i guess painting it would have taken ever so much longer...

Monday, April 9, 2012


lately i find myself painting alot of wildflowers....
        and giving alot paintings away...
this one i gave to old friend(not old as in ancient but old as in we been friends from the day she was born...which was only a month after me:D lol)..so in other words my forever friend brittany:)
it was another of my hastily done paintings...
i dont like to spend excessive amounts of time painting instead of being with my guests, you see...
p.s. if anyone wants to come visit me in this distant land i may just paint you a painting....since i seem to be making a practice of it...:)
Brittany i miss you!thanks so much for the fun times! hope to see you again soon!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wildflower Field

i painted this wildflower field for my newly found friend Jessica..it was hastily done so its far from perfect but i hope you don't mind Jess:) thanks for coming out here to this far away country! and please come again!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cameron Falls

So it has been a very long time since i'v last posted... about 3 weeks actualy! but you see, my dear friend Lisa was visiting for about that amount of time and i was too busy hanging out with her to post. :)
But while she was here i finished this painting. I sent it with her because this waterfall and where it is, holds many good memories for us:)
So Lisa when you see this painting remember me and please come back soon!
miss you already!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daughter of the Rainbow

At length as they turned a curve in the road they beheld just before them a curious sight.
A little girl, radiant and beautiful, shapely as a fairy and exquisitely dressed, was dancing gracefully in the middle of the lonely road, whirling slowly this way and that, her dainty feet twinkling in sprightly fashion. She was clad in flowing, fluffy robes of soft material that reminded Dorothy of woven cobwebs, only it was colored in soft tintings of violet, rose, topaz, olive, azure, and white, mingled together most harmoniously in stripes which melted one into the other with soft blendings. Her hair was like spun gold and flowed around her in a cloud, no strand being fastened or confined by either pin or ornament or ribbon.
Filled with wonder and admiration our friends approached and stood watching this fascinating dance. The girl was no taller than Dorothy, although more slender; nor did she seem any older than our little heroine.

Suddenly she paused and abandoned the dance, as if for the first time observing the presence of strangers. As she faced them, shy as a frightened fawn, poised upon one foot as if to fly the next instant, Dorothy was astonished to see tears flowing from her violet eyes and trickling down her lovely rose-hued cheeks. That the dainty maiden should dance and weep at the same time was indeed surprising; so Dorothy asked in a soft, sympathetic voice:
"Are you unhappy, little girl?"
"Very!" was the reply; "I am lost."
"Why, so are we," said Dorothy, smiling; "but we don't cry about it."
"Don't you? Why not?"
"'Cause I've been lost before, and always got found again," answered Dorothy simply.
"But I've never been lost before," murmured the dainty maiden, "and I'm worried and afraid."
"You were dancing," remarked Dorothy, in a puzzled tone of voice.
"Oh, that was just to keep warm," explained the maiden, quickly. "It was not because I felt happy or gay, I assure you."
Dorothy looked at her closely. Her gauzy flowing robes might not be very warm, yet the weather wasn't at all chilly, but rather mild and balmy, like a spring day.
"Who are you, dear?" she asked, gently.
"I'm Polychrome," was the reply.
"Polly whom?
"Polychrome. I'm the Daughter of the Rainbow."
"Oh!" said Dorothy with a gasp; "I didn't know the Rainbow had children. But I MIGHT have known it, before you spoke. You couldn't really be anything else."
"Why not?" inquired Polychrome, as if surprised.
"Because you're so lovely and sweet."
The little maiden smiled through her tears, came up to Dorothy, and placed her slender fingers in the Kansas girl's chubby hand.
"You'll be my friend--won't you?" she said, pleadingly.
"Of course."

"And what is your name?"
"I'm Dorothy; and this is my friend Shaggy Man, who owns the Love Magnet; and this is Button-Bright--only you don't see him as he really is because the Fox-King carelessly changed his head into a fox head. But the real Button-Bright is good to look at, and I hope to get him changed back to himself, some time."
The Rainbow's Daughter nodded cheerfully, no longer afraid of her new companions.
"But who is this?" she asked, pointing to Toto, who was sitting before her wagging his tail in the most friendly manner and admiring the pretty maid with his bright eyes. "Is this, also, some enchanted person?"
"Oh no, Polly--I may call you Polly, mayn't I? Your whole name's awful hard to say."
"Call me Polly if you wish, Dorothy."
"Well, Polly, Toto's just a dog; but he has more sense than Button-Bright, to tell the truth; and I'm very fond of him."
"So am I," said Polychrome, bending gracefully to pat Toto's head.

"But how did the Rainbow's Daughter ever get on this lonely road, and become lost?" asked the shaggy man, who had listened wonderingly to all this.
"Why, my father stretched his rainbow over here this morning, so that one end of it touched this road," was the reply; "and I was dancing upon the pretty rays, as I love to do, and never noticed I was getting too far over the bend in the circle. Suddenly I began to slide, and I went faster and faster until at last I bumped on the ground, at the very end. Just then father lifted the rainbow again, without noticing me at all, and though I tried to seize the end of it and hold fast, it melted away entirely and I was left alone and helpless on the cold, hard earth!"
"It doesn't seem cold to me, Polly," said Dorothy; "but perhaps you're not warmly dressed."
"I'm so used to living nearer the sun," replied the Rainbow's Daughter, "that at first I feared I would freeze down here. But my dance has warmed me some, and now I wonder how I am ever to get home again."
"Won't your father miss you, and look for you, and let down another rainbow for you?"
"Perhaps so, but he's busy just now because it rains in so many parts of the world at this season, and he has to set his rainbow in a lot of different places. What would you advise me to do, Dorothy?"

Come with us," was the answer. "I'm going to try to find my way to the Emerald City, which is in the fairy Land of Oz. The Emerald City is ruled by a friend of mine, the Princess Ozma, and if we can manage to get there I'm sure she will know a way to send you home to your father again."
"Do you really think so?" asked Polychrome, anxiously.
"I'm pretty sure."
"Then I'll go with you," said the little maid; "for travel will help keep me warm, and father can find me in one part of the world as well as another--if he gets time to look for me."
"Come along, then," said the shaggy man, cheerfully; and they started on once more. Polly walked beside Dorothy a while, holding her new friend's hand as if she feared to let it go; but her nature seemed as light and buoyant as her fleecy robes, for suddenly she darted ahead and whirled round in a giddy dance. Then she tripped back to them with sparkling eyes and smiling cheeks, having regained her usual happy mood and forgotten all her worry about being lost.
They found her a charming companion, and her dancing and laughter-- for she laughed at times like the tinkling of a silver bell--did much to enliven their journey and keep them contented.

I painted this girl and taking a second look i thought "oh! this is the daughter of the rainbow!" 
Some of my favorite books as a kid...actualy i still love them, are all the Oz books:) 
about Dorothy the little girl who went on many travels in the magical land of Oz...
This is a excerpt from the book called 'The Road to Oz" 
Its delightful :) 
...anyway abit more about the actual painting... 
I guess i caught her in a very rare moment of sadness...since she is usually a happy and carefree child, it must have been right after she got left behind from her dear rainbow. Thus the look of blue pensive-ness on her face.  
maby someday i shall have to paint her when she's her usual joyful self
Since i didnt have a watercolor paper she got a bit wrinkled too...ah well...she was very experimental...i do believe she was the second watercoloured piece iv done(Facade was done after her) 
k nuf said
peace out<3

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


i didnt have watercolor paper so the paper wrinkled quite abit resulting in a sorta puffed cheek look..?it also created random tiger looking lines...that a less than observant eye couldnt see(i hope)...and dont go and try to find the lines now either please:D

Friday, February 3, 2012


so this was an experiment... its done in watercolour...something iv never done before...and iv never painted a face before either..
So two new things in one painting! yay!
i decided that i love watercolour tho:)
i stayed up late painting this cause i couldnt get it outa my head until it was done...and it didnt help that i was inspired quite late in the eve...

It turned out too crowded but still it was fun to do so i dont care what it looks like:D

gotta live and learn

anyway 'nuf talking...
happy day dreams everyone:)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep
And can't tell where to find them  
Leave them alone and they'll come home
Wagging their tails behind them.

tis another illustration i did for school....the colours of the painting didnt scan well onto the computer sadly..:( 
anyway, peace<3 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Little bros work

This is some graffiti done by my little 9 year old bro :D
 it says Chaos
I try to encourage my little sibling's artistic endeavors:)
Thanks Arron for letting me show this work of art :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Peter Pan

''A moment after the fairy's entrance the window was blown open by the breathing of the little stars, and Peter dropped in. He had carried Tinker Bell part of the way, and his hand was still messy with the fairy dust.''

click here to read the Magical original story of Peter Pan http://www.readbookonline.net/title/6/

For art i had to illustrate a phrase from a fairy tale....3 of them actualy...so more fairy tale illustrations coming up!I had to use a cartoon-y sorta style and thus i used a cartoon-y sorta style! which is in fact much easier than realistic style!(surprise surprise!)
but yes I'v always loved fairy tales and Peter Pan is one of my favorites:) 

the illustration doesn't do justice to the delightful-ness of the story...and i dont know what he's hiding behind his back...maby his fairy-dust glowing hand...? :D if i hadnt been so lazy i would have changed that particular position.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So i painted a piece of abtractness :)

01-17-2012 Abtract art has always intrigued me...What was the artist thinking when they painted it?or where they even thinking anything?maby they were just throwing paint on a canvas..?
i always wonder...and try and guess although i never find out how close or far my guess was...
but anyway! im giving you guys a chance to guess And find out how close your guess is:D (what fuN!*snort*)
so if you feel the urge you people can try and guess what i was thinking when i painted it and what the painting is supposed to say...Or you can just say what it means to you..which may be the same thing(wait!does that even make sense?)
and then later i shall post what it means...maby...i may change my mind...but probably not(tsk tsk the frivolousness of me)...

01-21-2012 ok the guessing game being over i shall now post the meaning of this piece of art...

Massive messes
           Screaming, Crying, Yelling
The continuous sound goes on and on
   Confusion swirls
Intense feelings cloud the brain
 A painful pounding, Headache
Oh why isn't there quiet?
         Where? where did the peace go?
Dark and empty
   All around, a clashing din
Nowhere to find rest
     Groping in the blackness
Squeezing eyelids tight
     Forlorn whimpers inside my head
The confusion crashes on 
    To much noise
To many voices
 To much
The turmoil continues
        Cluttering my soul

But then,
  Way in the distance
              beneath the ugly 
       A soft still Voice
Trickling through the anger
   The swirling mess 
            fades away...
 hope enters 

Peace has come.

P.S. i hate making art that looks ugly to me, as did this piece, but there was no way i could make it any other way and have it mean the same thing...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi everybody :) sorry i haven't been posting stuff regularly....

Um i painted this on my little bros' wall...It was easier than i thought it would be, thankfully:)...i might paint a giraffe on the brown wall in green someday...if i ever get around to it...we shall see...

Happy New Years!!!