Saturday, August 18, 2012


Heres a cute little girl that i met at camp:) I just had to draw her cause shes so adorable...
i could practice my ukrainian with her without feeling stupid when i got things wrong:) shes a sweetie!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spring-time in London

In March a happy thing happened! Some good old friends came to see me and the rest o' my family out here in Ukraine. And during their time here we flew to London England for a few days...4 to be exact..It was a AWESOME to say the least:)  Twas delightful to see all the beautiful old buildings and hear the vibrant history of the places that we visited...I admit, i would have been perfectly content if all we had done was just walked around and looked at the quaint places and majestic architecture. But of course we did the red bus tour and saw the changing of the guards, walked through ancient castles and all those other interesting things:)
I do believe i fell in love with the city. One place in particular i remember. It's in the back of Westminster abbey in a little enclove where there's the college garden with it's beautiful green lawn and old trees, flowers and a cute fountain with school kids in uniforms lounging around...I found it so peaceful and gorgeous stuck in-between the large gothic structure. "There is something about the green against the ancient stone that is just magical...You can see the fairies emerging and dancing up on the flowers and the lawn" quote by Jim Barkman.
One more thing, if any of you guys ever visit London make sure you go to Covent Garden cause its great fun!
I always dreamed of touring London with some friends but never really thought it would happen..goes to show that Dreams do come true!
Cheers to Brittany, Shanda, Josh, Brandon, Mark and David and the great time we had:)

I started painting this soon after i got home from our London if it looks crooked its because its quite a large painting(like 2feet by 1 and a half...or something) and it was really hard to scan and it had to be pieced on the computer..Its not that crooked in real life(i think...and hope)
Also its for sale.