Friday, July 20, 2012


So here is another portrait....Its supposed to be my little bro sort of resembles him :D next time i draw him i have faith it will look even more like him since practice makes perfect
i also tried painting this picture but its not finished yet..or at least, im not happy with it yet so yeah i may post the painting at some later date.

p.s. I just want you all to know that when i critique my art on here it is not because i have an inferiority complex  or that i'm begging for compliments but...just tell me that its good okay!!! Pleeeeeeaase say that my drawing doesnt suck!!! 
lol just joking! :D no no its just that i'm going to be posting lots of portrait sketches. I will say this for them, they all look like a person! You can tell that they are a human being but they don't always look like the person they are supposed to look like. And i'm working on getting it so that they do look exactly like the person they're supposed to look like. So if you see a mistake that keeps getting made or if you notice anything that looks extremely off in the sketch feel free to tell me and i shall try and avoid it on the next drawing. :) 
The reason i'm doing all this practice on portraits is because i want to learn how to paint people, but i figure i first should get really good at drawing them....and well its also because people are so interesting to draw:) 
k enough rambling for today:)  


  1. this is good, did you take a photo of the picture of scan it? i'm wondering, because its very light, and i didn't know if thats how it really is..i say all that to say, if it really is light, one thing you need to do is go darker.
    i'm always having to make myself go darker, for some reasons its a common thing for beginner portrait artists to stay light. so go dark:)

    right now i'm working on making my subjects look the same age, yesterday i drew a lady and it LOOKED like her..just about 10 years older. its was odd, but now i know what to work on!
    i love criticizing my art, and i love when other people point things out to me, its so helpful. :)

  2. i scanned it so it might be a little darker in real life but not yeah i will take your advice and go darker:) thanks!
    and btw i have the Same problem with about every portrait looking older!! its so weird! just yesterday i drew a girl that is about 13 and the drawing looks like she's about 17 or 18..its odd! lol i just looked at it and was like 'i guess she'll grow into this portrait'
    if you ever figure out why that happens tell me! cause i'm curious why it does.
    Thanks a bunch for the advice:)

  3. hey no prob! and if i ever figure out why portraits always look older, i'll deff. share the news!