Tuesday, August 9, 2011


so here is some graffiti that i painted while i was in beatuful B.C. for a month...tis on my osm-friend,arletha's wall:) um on the other side of her dresser it says 'the life you live...the life you love'  thus completing the saying
love the life you live
live the life you love
it was quite a fun thing for me to do although she'll hafta sand forever if she ever wants to repaint...and the camera did its best on this pic but the the blue was a lot more turquoise and the purple alot more purple and the white wall white and not yellow...but yeah anyway nuf on that..i had a party there in creston(in western canada in general):D thanks for all the lovely memories you fun people from there:D
peace out<3

Sunday, August 7, 2011


um here is a not-very-interesting abstact painting that i did to match my room...and um i love to paint abstact things cause they the most easy fun slap-it-on projects:)  quite theraputic as i might have already said some other time in my blog ramblings.. Just a small update on my art life...iv been working alot on my huge rainbow painting that iv been working on since forever and..its almost done!!!yay! anyway you all have fun and remember to stop and smell the flowers and to find shapes in the fluffy clouds:)