Friday, January 28, 2011

Tropical water splash

here is a tropical waterfall that i slapped first i drew it and then was like 'hmmm boring' so therefore i decided to paint it...but i didnt want to take a long time on it sooo yeah just kinda slapped paint on...
you know...painting is very therapeutic! if any o you people are feeling stressed you really should try painting!
bye now

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

well april here's another one and i reealy hope its the right colors and stuff cause yeah im just guessing and hoping to get it right...and is this the style you wanted?im trying to make them native-ish...but..?
questions questions..they quite overwhelm me
ha!..aanyway to everyone out there i just want you to know that....i duno wat i want you to get back to you on that
i need sleep like a nostril needs moist nostrils need moist snot?hmm...

Monday, January 24, 2011

uh this is a abstract sorta-canadian-aboriginal turned out to be more what it was supposed to look like than that other one i painted recently...or watever, it looks more canadian is part of the process of learning to paint in a new way..yay for that! 
At the moment im working on 3 paintings. I get into random moods were im very cyced about painting and other ones were im very not in the mood but do it anyway just for you are so special that i paint when im not in the mood:D lol k im gona go continue working on them so... cya later