Monday, July 16, 2012


soo this is a random sketch of a girl that i drew for practice at portrait drawing...i hate her mouth...just saying:D
but im to lazy to change it...
lately iv been wanting to get better at drawing faces so in the last two days iv drawn around 10 portraits...or something..
and i'll post them eventually

Noses are becoming my favorite thing to draw which is weird because they used to be my most hated thing...:D lol random piece of info for you...

k aaanyway i shall go back to drawing more portraits now
bye <3


  1. this is great! i love the texture around her eyes.
    drawing faces is so much fun, i love it cos then i start to see people differently than i used to.

  2. yeah iv been finding so many interesting things about faces lately to! i'll be drawing this face i know well and i'll suddenly see things i didnt how much they look like their sibling and other things like that...