Monday, March 26, 2012

Wildflower Field

i painted this wildflower field for my newly found friend was hastily done so its far from perfect but i hope you don't mind Jess:) thanks for coming out here to this far away country! and please come again!


  1. the first little glance I had of this painting, I thought it was a photograph! so obviously there is some kind of quality in it..

  2. oh why thank you!what a kind compliment!:)

  3. AMberrrr! Its just...beautiful.
    El SPringo.
    (of course)

  4. Hastily done? Oh my. It's gorgeous.

  5. thanks both of ya:D and yes kate im looking forward to spring and am thinking of painting many spring things:)

  6. Do:) cos you rock at what you do.
    by the btw.
    The lovely chinese pink springy one you gave me when you left... that mixed up day... Makes me happy cos its so pinkish and blossomy. ;)

  7. aaaw thanks again!but i cant take credit for any of my paintings cause i didnt even ever learn how to do it, i just tried and it the glory goes to Jesus:)
    and id totaly forgot bout that painting! it really is very springy:) im glad it gives you joy!