Friday, October 19, 2012

questions and answers

Well well i was tagged by Jolynn dear so i decided to do this lil survey
the rules say that i must list 11 random facts bout myself and then answer the 11 questions she here goes...

1  Random fact number one...If i go for to long without drawing or painting i get extremely restless
2. I love wind...whenever it blows it beckons me and i have to go and be wrapped in its wildness
3. I have ALOt of siblings but it never feels like that many cause their all needed in my family:)
4. Hot tea is about the only thing i ever drink..i drink around 6 or more cups a day(is that healthy?i duno...) 
5. When i think of winter i think of mittens, hot chocolate, skating and fireplaces:)
6. If i could i'd live in the time period when a hat was an essential wardrobe item:) ...only i am rather attached to cell phones and internet and other handy things of today!
7. I'm HORrible at math! it is my nemesis!
8. I have been to 8 different countries and i wana go to more..
9. I sit on my window sill with the window open or go for a walk when i want to spend quality time with my dearest friend Jesus
10. I'v been told that i flop around when i laugh:) i don't really know cause im always too absorbed with the reason im laughing to notice what i do...hehe
11. I like unusual words that aren't used very often like agog, domicile ,whimsical and winsome

1. what is your favorite kind of food?

CHOCOLATE!!!its the best kind of food around.
hehe no I have many fav kinds of food...FOood i Loooove you!!! On the top of my lovely food list though is Italiano and Chinese aand Desserts :D

2. if you could be any animal for a month which one would you be?
I would be a Chameleon cause they are just AWESOME!(...i think i'd be rainbow coloured the whole time...)

3. why did the chicken cross the road? really?
He had to use the Loo.
 *in a confidential whisper* btw he is rather tired and offended at this question..he is forever the joke around town all because nature called! 


4. the most exciting thing you have ever done is?
Um the day i went sky diving was pretty exciting! hah jk iv never got the privilege of sky diving although i hope to someday! actually um i'v been on a thing that was sorta like sky diving(called a free fall swing or something) at Canada's Wonderland and it was very fun and exciting:)

5. shoes? or sweaters?
oooh this is a hard one but i think i'll pick shoes

6. whats the first thing you think of when someone screams OMGOODNESS NOOOOO!
'AAAAH!where's the ninja?' or '*gasp* did one of the kids die?'

7. spiders or snakes?
Snakes of course....btw spiders i like you too so don't feel left out!

8. what is one thing that should be banned from this earth?
Alarm clocks! and buns with dill in them. (oh that's two there i guess)

9. chicy or funky? and why?i do believe i'll pick chic-y..cause i like it better for me-self

10. what is the biggest and best thing in your life that you are looking forward to at this present moment?

Well the thing im looking forward to right at this moment is going back to Ontario to see all the friends i haven't seen for a year!  I'm also looking forward to Christmas:)

11. given the chance, what person would you be with for a day? dead or alive that is :)
i cant think of any famous person that id want to be with for a just rather spend my days with good friends... I think though that if i was given the chance i'd spend the day with Jesus...He's always with me of course but it'b be nice to be with Him in person.

Btw im not gonna tag anyone with this survey this time....

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  1. <3 <3 <3 :D heehee! to use the loo! i lofd uproarously and echoey in my lil brain!!!