Thursday, November 3, 2011


heey guys! its finally time for another post! its only been waaaay to long!
 So anyway this is a painting i did for school(imagine that!*shocked voice*) is quite different looking in real life..the scanner sadly can't transfer the colours as nicely as hoped(the yellow and green parts dont show well at all..sigh)..And this painting is quite large,about 1.5 ft by 2 feet...or something like that..
 This assignment had lotsa rules. i had to divide the face into quarters and then paint each quarter with a different colour scheme and tool(i could NOT use any brushes) i painted one section with a Q-tip(yay for those handy things!), one with my finger(also a handy thing *no pun intended* snort!), one with a sponge(bleh it was terrible unhandy!), and one was done with fabric ...and you know this is the first face iv ever painted! they sure made it hard enough *grimace* lol
it was fun though! maybe i will paint more faces this style! you just never know...

k peace <3