Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eiffel tower

heres a really quick painting i did...i spent barely any time on it at all...i just  wanted to paint the Eiffel tower only i didnt feel like taking the time...lol so thus the slightly lopsided tower:)
someday i hope to actually tour Paris instead of just sitting in the airport the whole time im there..


  1. !@#$%^&*(#$%^&*#$%^@#$%^*&^&**
    I'm just having spasms don't worry, AMBERRR!!!!!!
    *sobs of love and adoration*
    Oh, to think some day I may be able to touch it, to Hug it! In pure respect!
    Lol! I'll stop here, altho I have much more to say. :D
    <3 <3 !!!!

  2. i take it that you like it? lol i must say that to hug it might crinkle it since its only on paper...and the first part of the comment quite alarms me!*reproving look* lol

  3. NA NA ON YOU! i get this painting!!!! she said i could keep it!!!!! yayyyyyyyy .... thank u dearest sister :)

  4. I love this painting! It's kind of dreamy-like. And it reminds me of "Champs-Elysees." I wouldn't mind touring Paris someday myself...

  5. Sorrry it was only but my tongue bumbling out sounds in overwhelmedness! :D
    Im SO JEALOUS TAYLOR! Don't rub it in!!!!! I want it for a wall mural sniff sniff.

  6. oh you have problems with your tongue bumbling out incoherent sounds to?? and really you needn't be jealous! i'l paint you something similar if you wish:)
    btw your welcome taylor(happy bday?)
    and im glad you like it kate and carson:)