Thursday, June 30, 2011


here's yours eli:)
peace out
(man i wish there was a peace sign on the keyboard:D lol)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

human city

there once was an owl named Larry and because he had insomia he wrote music during the day when all the other owls were sleeping...he named his music/band Human City. His music was beautiful and relaxing, full of magical happiness. He became famous for his music and he was a content owl:)  his music and writings were inspiring, telling of his love for his creator. All the other owls loved how humble he was and how he used his fame to bring glory to Jesus...they all said God bless that owl Larry :D

Hi guys:) i drew and coloured this picture and wrote this small story in tribute to Adam Young. He is an big inspiration to me:) and like him may i always keep my eyes on my Savior,Jesus Christ, whatever may happen in my life.
p.s. If you didnt know this the link to Owl City's blog is on the side bar...over ther -->