Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So i painted a piece of abtractness :)

01-17-2012 Abtract art has always intrigued me...What was the artist thinking when they painted it?or where they even thinking anything?maby they were just throwing paint on a canvas..?
i always wonder...and try and guess although i never find out how close or far my guess was...
but anyway! im giving you guys a chance to guess And find out how close your guess is:D (what fuN!*snort*)
so if you feel the urge you people can try and guess what i was thinking when i painted it and what the painting is supposed to say...Or you can just say what it means to you..which may be the same thing(wait!does that even make sense?)
and then later i shall post what it means...maby...i may change my mind...but probably not(tsk tsk the frivolousness of me)...

01-21-2012 ok the guessing game being over i shall now post the meaning of this piece of art...

Massive messes
           Screaming, Crying, Yelling
The continuous sound goes on and on
   Confusion swirls
Intense feelings cloud the brain
 A painful pounding, Headache
Oh why isn't there quiet?
         Where? where did the peace go?
Dark and empty
   All around, a clashing din
Nowhere to find rest
     Groping in the blackness
Squeezing eyelids tight
     Forlorn whimpers inside my head
The confusion crashes on 
    To much noise
To many voices
 To much
The turmoil continues
        Cluttering my soul

But then,
  Way in the distance
              beneath the ugly 
       A soft still Voice
Trickling through the anger
   The swirling mess 
            fades away...
 hope enters 

Peace has come.

P.S. i hate making art that looks ugly to me, as did this piece, but there was no way i could make it any other way and have it mean the same thing...


  1. rolling down the spiral of life?

  2. leaving reality behind and diving into the depth of dreams?

  3. An Aukburd tap-dances its way towards the tightly wedged Lemur Wrangler, who has become engorged as a result of too much Delicious Hazelnut Product™ in the TumTum.

  4. Those are pretty good guesses! n Jesse although yours isnt right i think that someday i will paint something on your thought:) And Mark your guess is right of course! how did you know??? :D jk
    anyway feel free to keep guessing anybody who wants to 'give it a go':)

  5. Hmmm... Peeing into a colourful toilet while it's flushing? I - I - I'm not so good with abstracts. :( Seriously, I think the swirls represent turmoil, with God, represented by a beam of light, piercing the darkness.

  6. I see Love from Heaven striking a dark tornado of Doubt and sadness like a lightening bolt of Hope. :)

    (LOL@ previous guesses:D )

  7. lol carson:D ur first guess is very creative!hehe!but yes your serious guess was extremely close to right and kate yours is right on:D(my my!do you know me well or what?:)) and since you guessed it kate i shall now put it into my own words on the post.
    Thanks for participating in the guessing game everyone:D