Thursday, August 9, 2012

sketchy sketch sketch

Another drawing of my little sister...done on the same day as the previous one...
twas a different, harder angle to draw...

And now enough about the drawing.. i feel like blabbing. I'm in the blabbing mood, you see.
Life is really is..How come does time speed up the older you grow? Time....Its such a elusive thing.
How can a period of time feel so long and yet so short? Tis slippery, time is!
Talking about elusive things...Wind.
I love the wind....
Whenever it comes, it calls me to drop whatever i'm doing, to go and be wrapped in its wildness...It brings with it, nostalgia...many memories are swept along with it in its wandering way...
One time the wind picked me up and carried me off...and now still it has the ability to sweep me away...only not bodily now of course(surprise surprise!guess im not as little as i was then)
Outside is the place i see God the most...when i look around at all the beauty and when i'm wrapped in my precious wind i can feel His love all around...He is breathtaking.
Remember to open your eyes to the beauty that's all around you.