Sunday, April 15, 2012

My life

This was a art project for school...I was supposed to illustrate the stories of my life inside the letters of my name. It was a good assignment cause when i looked over my life,looked at my childhood and how i got to where i am now i realized that God has blessed me so much!i realized i take it for granted...For i know a happy and carefree childhood is quite rare....I am so blessed.
I wasnt able to put as many memories in as i wished to...Some are just a little to hard to draw i guess...:D and there was only so much room...and i could hardly draw all the peoples faces who've been part of my life as much as i wanted to...
anyway twas a fun assignment
peace out<3
btw the assignment said we had to color it with pencil not really a fan of them..but o well i guess painting it would have taken ever so much longer...