Monday, November 14, 2011


hey everybody! here is a painting that i worked on for about a year!i now know it even better than i know the back of my hand(much much better in fact!...where did that saying come from anyway?obviously from someone who was obsessed with staring at the backs of their hands..?*giggle*) took forever!SO glad to have it done!! it was actually very sporadically worked on...didnt work on it for 3 months in the middle when i was in you may guess its sorta hard to work on a painting that is hundreds of miles away...heh heh..
My bro david drew it(cheers dave!) and i did the painting of it...
Um it was way to big(around 3ft by 2ft..?) to scan so i just took a doesn't show the colours very well(i promise they look better in real life) and i apologize for the blurriness...
we plan on selling it if i can find a gallery(or whatever) to display it... That will be a new thing indeed!...selling artwork...but yeah we'll "give it a go" :)  And maybe if it works i can sell more stuff...maybe...only then id have to be alot less sloppy and stuff...hmm novel idea!:D

p.s. in the meantime while i look for a place to sell the painting, it is displayed here and for sale to anyone who wants it...
Acrylic on canvas
About 61cm by 91cm
Price $400