Saturday, September 3, 2011

the star

here is a abstact sketch...

Moments filled with memories
She stoops to fix her shoe
Her heart races quickly
Her dress rehearsal due

Stage is like an ocean
Where crystals seem to shine
Beckons her to dance upon
Reflections of life's time

Suddenly she rises
She sees the magic there
Running in a gust of wind
She dances with great flair

Movement of a willow
So gracious as she sways
Gentle sounds if orchestra
Each step her grand ballet

Destiny is born now
Her graceful moves divine
Pirouttes across the stage
Her shadow now aligns

Dancer if life begins now
Her music special score
Bowing for the audience
She hears the words encore.


  1. The abstract sketch is imaginative and breathtaking in a rough way & the poem is a glory in itself!

  2. There is just no way to explain my love for the drawing first and then how the poem goes with it.. takes me to a floaty other dimension.
    Lovely. :)