Wednesday, August 24, 2011

dont drop the flowers

ahoy me mateys:) this is a pic that may someday be in a book...i drew it for that anyway but i duno if it will be good enough...guess we'll see:) ....i like drawing pirates!
aaaaaaaaaaargh(supposedly that means goodbye in pirate language lol!)


  1. Ditto above... May I ask where the "flowers" comes in?

  2. thanx guys:) um about the was davids suggestion for a name so i just took him up on it:)cause it seemed like the worst possible name for a pirate pic:D but then you never know! maby the pirate is staring at someone on land who's holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers and he with his scary pirate-ness frightened the person on land and she is threatening to drop the flowers and run..and so he's telling her not to as that would be quite tragic for the gorgeous flowers!

  3. what book is it, maybe going 2 be in?