Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why hello! it has been awhile! it has indeed...
It really didnt even cross my mind to post once again on this lil blog o' mine but my dear friend decided to begin again on hers and suggested that i do the same so therefore....
Check out her New Years post here 
Ok here goes my New Years Post.
I do have tons of art that i could be displaying here but since its not scanned and stuff i just opted to go with a photo i took on a lovely winter stroll. 
*clears throat* 
This year was quite the year. (original eh?) 
I really dont know how to begin to recap it but i shall ramble on for awhile and maybe it will be a coherant ramble and maybe not. We'll see. 
I did a great lot of traveling this year which made it a wonderful and fascinating year!
I do believe i traveled across the big blue sea 6 times! And i went touring in Budapest with friends(which by the way i recommend most highly! The Paris of the East is an enchanting city indeed!)
And yes there was marriages of friends at which i bridesmaided(is that a word?) Many a bittersweet occasion...
And lots of growing in Grace.
I think i could ramble on for awhile but i must run.
Have a Happy New Year!!!!

P.S. i'm hoping to do more posting of art this year. 


  1. i think you should post about your adventures! they sound lovely. Happy new year to you as well and God bless!

  2. Oooo Im glad u did it!!!:):) I like that picture alottt and your words and all the other stuff:):) I kindof agree with Noni even tho You've told me lots already Id love to hear more:) and this wedding... sounds cool heh heh rme

  3. Maybe i shall Noni:) God be with you in this new year!<3

  4. Hehe thanks ma dear Kate for inspiring me to post once again! lets get back into this blog thing eh?:)