Friday, January 28, 2011

Tropical water splash

here is a tropical waterfall that i slapped first i drew it and then was like 'hmmm boring' so therefore i decided to paint it...but i didnt want to take a long time on it sooo yeah just kinda slapped paint on...
you know...painting is very therapeutic! if any o you people are feeling stressed you really should try painting!
bye now


  1. BeAuteeful. =) makes me wanna splash in it...

  2. How do you make falling water look like falling water? Mine always looks like globs of paint or pencil crayon. :( Anyway, I agree that painting can be very therapeutic.

  3. does it even look like its falling?i couldnt decide...but yeah i truly just kinda slapped paint maby the slapping of paint makes falling water look like its falling...duno..but i wana learn how to paint more detailed cause im not very good at that.

  4. Woah!'emphasis on the ''woah'''!good jobe!