Friday, December 2, 2011


Today i was once again shown Jesus' huge unimaginable love...
Me, my sisters and my friend went to an old invalid lady's house. This old lady is actually not that old, i later found out to my great amazement. She is around 45 to 50 but she looks like 80. She is slowly dying of cancer, spending all day and all night in her little bed, for years. She can't get out of her bed much less the house, all she can do is lay there. And the only person to help her is her husband who is unwell himself...and  who is often drunk.      
 We walked into the little house and i was hit with a overpowering stench. I gagged at the cloying smell of body waste, vodka, smoke and chickens. I prayed desperately that Id stop gagging so the couple wouldn't see and so i could sing. God answered that prayer quickly(thank you Jesus) and i was able to ignore the smell and say 'Good Day' to Luba(that's the lady's name). We all grouped around the tiny,shriveled, white haired lady and i could see she was not getting the care she should be, not even close. When we started to sing she burst into tears and hid her face beneath the ragged blanket.As our voices filled the room Jesus gave me a glimpse of how much He loved this little forgotten dying lady. Tears pricked the backs of my eyelids as i saw her through His eyes and felt His sorrow knowing she didn't belong to him.
  After the songs my friend sat down to talk to her. I couldn't understand everything she said since im not very advanced in Ukrainian but i got the drift that she was telling her about God's grace and how Jesus loved her so much he died for her. And if she wanted to be His all she had to do was pray that He forgive her sins. My tears spilled over as Luba prayed and became one of His own. I saw peace flood her watery blue eyes and i smiled through my tears. She asked for another song so we sang one more and then left with the promise to come again.
 It made me feel so small to be part of something so big. The experience left me humbled. It is my prayer that i can be the hands and feet for Jesus.

p.s. As you can see i didnt post a piece of art...i havent had time lately to create anything...although i am working on two paintings, they are not near done yep no artwork for this post i guess...hope that's okay.. peace<3


  1. truly osm and amazing! what a mighty God we serve! that is one of the blessings of being a missionary eh?

  2. yep:) its one of the many blessings of being a Christian...and really every Christian is a missionary...or should doesn't matter where you are.

  3. Great post..this left me encouraged to do more of my part in reaching out to others- and I agree we need to be a missionary where ever we are.

  4. Thanx amber you just made me cry all over again..I'm just soo amazed how great our God is!! And I agree that it makes me feel so small!

  5. Gave me shivers! Gorgeous:) Sound like you blessed her heart forever. God would b proud!

  6. Simpy WONDERFUL. :') tears of joy, and to think some people don't get it.
    I love this.So much.
    Experiences like these soften a persons heart.

  7. what a lovely lovely story. Thank you for sharing!
    and yes, we can be missionaries where ever we are!

  8. thank you guys for all the great comments:) i just stumbled upon a quote that perfectly describes the way it feels when you give of yourself for God...'you feel alive and whole, humbled and privileged, rich in peace and close to God' Craig Groeschel

  9. Great post! Thats a very touching story. Thnx for sharing :)