Tuesday, October 4, 2011

While we sing

yet another picture made for school...i was surprised that colouring with pencil crayons actually worked as well as it did...i had many doubts! i just like using paints better but yeah anyway it was okay:)
anyway here are some lyrics for a song that was a huge inspiration for me lately!

  • I’ve sat by far too long
  • And I’ve watched the hurting suffer on their own
  • I have chances everyday
  • To live like You, die to myself
  • Give Your love away
  • And I wonder why I feel so empty inside
  • (chorus)While I sing la la la la la la la la la
  • As the hungry roam the streets
  • La la la la la la la la la
  • As the broken are on their knees
  • La la la la la la la la la
  • I keep singing
  • We are frozen, we are still
  • But we’re called to be a city on a hill
  • And as our melodies resound
  • We cannot hear the silent cry
  • This world is screaming out
  • And we wonder why we feel so empty inside
  • (to chorus)
  • Remember salvation’s day
  • When Jesus washed our sins away
  • The lost are crying out to be saved
  • While we sing la la la la la la la la la
  • As the hungry roam the streets
  • La la la la la la la la la
  • As the broken are on their knees
  • La la la la la la la la la
  • We keep singing
  • But just a song won't heal
  • The bleeding wound
  • Church wake up
  • We’re sleeping in an empty tomb
  • Church arise, arise and shine
  • Shake yourself from the dust
  • God is calling us to go

  • When i heard this song it hit me hard that while people are crying out for help i sit in my happy little life and sing...yes they may be songs of praise to God ,which is all good, but he is calling me to help his lost lambs.And just a song won't heal. How can i just sit and sing while the hungry roam the streets,wounded and bleeding, yearning for something more!How can i sit in my little comfortable circle and do nothing...how can i not be screaming it out for the world to hear that the Jesus i serve is the wonderful-est best-est friend ever and that he'll be their friend to! God has given me so much and i needa share it with everyone! i need to arise and go and tell them of His incredible love! So my resolve is to stop being so selfish, to give of myself,to follow His call wherever He leads as scary as it may be. And with this resolve comes a great peace and happiness! i can't wait to shake myself from the dust and go:) Thank you Jesus for your great love and patience!! 
  • btw you can hear this song down in the little doobleedo...widget..watever you call it..
  • x0x0

    1. I may have cried abit.
      And thanks. Cos i just love every bit of what you said.;)

    2. wow.... i second that amber!

    3. That is sooo inspiring!! I wanna just get out and help all the people that haven't had the chance to hear or understand the story of salvation!! btw amber...get here ASAP!:)