Tuesday, October 18, 2011


the first drawing is a *coff* self-portrait i drew when i was 12 or 13 and the second portait is one i drew for school just the other day!its kinda hard to tell them apart but...the new one is at least a little better to show the progress made through the years...heh heh!:) when i found the old portrait i laughed muchly:)  so yeah in a few years from now i probably will look back on this new portrait and laugh once more...or at least i hope i will cause i do want to keep on learning and getting better at drawing and art in general!so yeah anyway...im sorry both these portaits are quite sober and calm...im not usually that way:D but yeah aanyway you all have a delightful day! x0x0

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  1. i sense a SMALL improvement.. im not sure which is better tho. :D hehehe. and your usually quite sober and morbid so.. i think they show your solomnity quite..well. :)