Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sailboats wish that they were stars,

Floating softly in the sky

Among our dreams that bid goodbye

Moving through transparent space, 

Drifting through the stratosphere
And onward 'till they disappear

These continents from overhead

Look like tiny paper shapes
Intricately set in place

Below the misty mountain clouds

Theres a lovely silver bay
Where sunset sailors often hideaway

Scuba diver in the lock, 

Speedboat driver on the dock
Sailplane pilot in the blue take me up there with you
The world looks brighter from this high altitude

I was walking through the trees (Sailboats wish they were stars)

And I was swimming through the sea (Cause they don't know who they are)
I was falling through the air
When it hit me right there...
My eyes are tired; I don't even care
by, sky sailing...


  1. What a fantastic illustration! It gives me the shivers...

  2. gorgeous!!!! it'd be fun to illustrate lots of adam young's stuff. like strawberry avalanche....etc.....being deliciously buried in fruities of all sorts......

  3. thanx:) and yeah monica i agree:) maby il hafta do some more:)

  4. I cant imagine what i would do without Adam Young,and that dreamy floating world i get to visit whenever i close my eyes:)

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