Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The soft cold winds start to breeze 
Through leaveless bare open trees
The dry grass under my feet yellow and dull
The days become short, twilight rushes to fall
Where is the frosted feathery snow hiding
To cover this still land with its residing
And then dancing and tiptoeing it comes
The silver blanket the ground  glady welcomes
Winter touches her cold fingers to my cheeks
Twirls round with beauty and grace
One last glance, snowflakes glisten
I rush inside, my nose feeling frostbitten
And curl up in front of the warm fire
Blissful cold,peaceful warmth,winter in entire

quick painting for you'all:) have a wonderful happy wintertime


  1. Nice poem Amber! Why didn't you sign it?

  2. cause its to embarressing:) but thanks tho:) glad you like it:)