Sunday, December 26, 2010

here's a quick painting for everybody...its kinda Amsterdam-ish...they have tall skinny lopsided buildings and lots of canals and bridges..very cute and unique that town! umm yeah im kinda behind on this blogging..and i really dont know if il ever catch up all the way...also i probably won't be posting something new everyday least for keep on trying tho! but yeah...anyway happy to be back:) hope everyone had a lovely wonderful Christmas! happy new year
p.s. there is soo much i would like to change on this painting but i didn't because usually wen i do that i end up kinda making things worse..siigh..bear with me..

1 comment:

  1. hey it is much better than u made it sound okay Lill!!:) its missing one thing tho...that wall is so bare... :) snort. it needs a leetle ..splash.. of squid THAT wud just..finish it off!mhmm!:D