Thursday, November 25, 2010


Venitia is a strange name but then all the names back then were quite homely:)
A victorian lady for you...her hat seems to be defying gravity but really, what are hatpins for right?:) but yeah iv always thought it would be fun to go back to each decade for a day and wear all the many different types of gorgeous dresses....but only for one day due to the extreme restrictiveness of most of them:D oh and the hats and the hair would have been fun to!Anyway guess i'll never getta go back in time so il just content myself with drawing and painting them all:)
you'all have a uber osm day!


  1. guuuuuuuuurl u gots to shew that offf! hehe looove it!wat a magnificent force of gravity might say somone who doesnt no about hat pins..

  2. they must b sum super strong hat cud b that gravity has the opposite effect. (never know wat happened in them days you kno)so the gravity wud actually be holding th hat up ????? hehe;)