Thursday, November 18, 2010


there are truly no ships in the desert. There wouldn't be much point, would there?however, camels are known as the 'ships of the desert' because of their capacity to carry heavy loads over long distances while requiring very little in the way of food and water.Animals are often characterized as vehicles in many cultures. The Belgians call ponies the 'taxicabs of the pasture' and people of India are known to call cows the 'milk trucks of the jungle'. I myself call squirrels the 'roller skates of the forest', but I'm completely alone in that.
 Sean Cullen
lol that just made me laugh so thot id share...and ya this Nimmie girl is a very strange
looking character i know but she has a hat at least..and hats rock!!altho i dont think id
ever wear that type of hat....
k Be well, fellow citizen:D

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