Monday, November 8, 2010


painted this cause i like coffee...and it seemed like a easy thing to paint:) and it happily was! so yaaa anyway i gotta hit the hay(literally!..nah actualy theres no hay around here to hit really...sigh) but ya k gnyt
o and heres to all of you who think your boring...your not:)
p.s. life is funnest when ur random:)


  1. oh, OH!! *sniffs!* thank you for the lovely encouraging, *sniff* words... *wipes tear* :)

  2. part of my assignment u know:D encouraging others hehe!(handing cyber kleenex to u)

  3. lol!!!! smart!!frgot bout tht..i shud encourage you to while im at it u no..whisper some of that sweet into your own ear!u have hiphop! u do! always!:) hhehehaha:D